Irreplaceable moments…We need them all

I had the opportunity to visit one of my friends tonight who recently had a baby boy. I was so excited I could barley wait for the day to get over so I could snuggle that fresh little baby. And he was just perfect. There is no way else to describe it. Perfect. I have felt connected to that little one since I found out she was pregnant. I don’t know why, but I remember telling my sister that. And when I found out she was in labor it was all I could do to not go up to the hospital 😀 I kept praying for strength for her and her husband. And I can’t tell you how much I pleaded with God that that little boy come out healthy, whole and beautiful! And when I held him tonight it was all I could do not to cry. His little hands and toes…his beautiful little lips, nose….all of him…he was just perfect!! Watching his daddy beam was just a bonus! And his Mama did amazing!! They are going to be incredible parents!!
I drove home thanking God for giving them such an amazing little being. I was thanking Him for such a healthy boy! Early in her pregnancy I told God that I wanted her to have a normal experience with her first baby. Of course we all go through LOTS of ups and downs as new moms but I just wanted her to enjoy the normal ones….the ones we all go through. The ones friends and family can help her with. I remember seeing her one evening and she had just started showing. I felt God urging me to pray for her and the baby…and so I did. The next time I saw her she was so adorable  You know that second trimester where you feel so good and you’re so excited to put on your maternity clothes cause you just look so cute?! And again I felt God telling me to pray. So I did. And then I saw her in her last trimester…the one where your maternity clothes are growing pretty snug and it’s not so fun to put them back on 😉 And I felt God telling me to pray WITH her. I am not the most social person and stepping out of my comfort zone for that was hard, but a friend encouraged me to be obedient so I did. I don’t even think I got very many words out of my mouth during that prayer but in my head I PLEADED with God to let that baby come out healthy. Healthy was all I was asking for. And He did. And as I reminisced on this driving home, I thought back to Zayne’s birth. It was my one “all natural”. I remember my sis convincing me to do it without drugs….I remind her of that all the time 😀 At that time I thought that was the hardest thing I ever had to endure. But after he was cleaned up and sleeping in my arms I remember that moment. The moment all of us moms feel. The moment when time stands still…and you realize you once again would give your life so willingly for these amazing miracles God gives us. And even when I look at the journey I have walked with my son up to now, it’s amazing what God has taught me. Taught him. Taught the whole family. And holding that little one tonight reminded me of the whole journey we took to get here. We leave for TX in 4 days and the weight of that has been almost unbearable this time around. But I couldn’t help but be grateful tonight. I am grateful for the amazing God I serve. That we as humans are able to live this journey called life. Life is always happening!! I find myself wanting to remind us parents that no matter what difficulties we have to encounter, whether it’s sleepless nights and colic to dealing with life changing circumstances…we all have our journey’s and even the tough moments are irreplaceable. Whether it’s the ups or downs there is always LIFE to be had. To all the Moms out there…we are blessed!!