Big Z talks about Jake the wrestler

Last week, I was up at the ballgame watching my oldest play baseball!! So adorable I might add…all his little buddies cheering him on, they are all so little and look so cute. Well anyway I also had Zayne up their and he was bored to TEARS. Such a trooper though as horrible as his attitude has been. Anyway Jake the wrestler stopped by and tickled Zayne to get his attention. Of course Zayne was beyond shy but all I could think was he would talk about this for the next week and sure enough the conversation about Jake the wrestler started on the way home. “Mom…do you think I will wrestle like Jake?” I smiled knowing how much that small gesture meant to my son. He was not happy but I happened to get a little on video  (you can view Z talking about Jake himself below)
And to add to this we just got back from the awards banquet up at Springport High school. Jake the wrestler did OUTSTANDING!!!! And in Zayne’s words “won a HUGE trophy) not excluding the spit that comes with that sentence when he says it 😉 When first arrived he had to give Jake the wrestler a piece of candy he saved for him. So he went over to him with his one little shoulder shrugged and his big man walk. After giving Jake a high 5 he turned toward me and heard Jake say “Whoa that was a big high five!” and Zayne tried his hardest NOT to smile. He wasn’t fond of sitting there listening to the other coaches speak but when Jake got his trophy he couldn’t wait to see it. We got his picture standing by Jake and later in the car on the way home he looked at me and said “Mom….do you think Jake the wrestler could hold that big trophy with one hand?” It almost brought tears to my eyes knowing how much my little boy looks up to Jake the wrestler. Nobody would know because he is so shy and has to put on his tough act in front of everyone. But Jake didn’t let Zaynes tough guy act stop him from stealing a spot in Zaynes heart. Jake was persistent, and although he may not know the impact his gestures have had, that wrestler is someone I doubt Zayne will ever forget.
“I’ll bet he can buddy” I said looking at his brain work. “He must be pretty strong.” He said as he looked at me a grinned. “Yea he is….he had to be strong enough to pin all those guys to get that trophy.” “Huh! Yea…because he does (his shoulder rising at this point to his “big man pose”) He pins ALL those guys!” Zayne them slams his hands down with enthusiasm showing how he pins them as he grins almost as if he watched him pin them right then. I went on to tell Zayne how Jake the wrestler was going to go wrestle where Sparty lives. He asked if we could go watch him sometime!! And I sure hope we can!!!