Ok so nobody wrote me to tell me what a nerd I was…and not the cool nerd that is in now in. I am talking the real, deal dweeb.

Last week I posted what I meant to be a “throwback Thursday” and I called it FlashBack Thursday. Which I can only assume is a mix between Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday. Which the way my brain is these days I can totally see how the days would run together…and then it makes sense.
Had my hubby seen it, well, he would have thought it was totally normal. I mess all the saying ups. He says I always start with one and finish with another, I might say, “They have tipped my apple cart.” Or “I am at the end of my last nerve” or “Time to get back to the ball and grind” or “If you can’t say something nice, duct tape your mouth shut.” Hmmm yeah that is definitely not the way that one goes…but probably is more effective. Lol Just kidding, I have not said this to my kids, I say use a sock because duct tape is not good for your skin. Hee hee

Anyway, as far as my blog blooper, I am not sure if no one wanted to tell me(as if my fly was un-zipped) or maybe you all love me and just have figured out how to interpret me, or maybe you are just used to the bloopers that I make all the time and it seemed normal… but probably your brains are like mine and the days were glomming together for you too, so it just made “perfect” sense.
Anyway, got some good stuff lined up for you this week…at least I think so. 😉