After surgery “brief” Z update

What a day, I am still exhausted but I thought I would post a quick summary…
The started a 4:30 am with Zayne asking for pancakes and sausage on the way to the hospital. Of course he couldn’t eat before surgery. So we kept telling him he could eat after his Dr. vistit. Lol He did great. He got his cute little gown on and played with the toys that the child life worker brought him, until the Dr. came in.


The Dr. did a quick examination of his eyes and then marked a scribble with a sharpie on his forehead to mark what side of the head would be prepped. Zayne looked at him like he was crazy.
They wheeled him a way with as jess followed in what I would call her hazmat suit. Lol With tears in our eyes we watched them wheel away this little cutie pie.

The plan was for Zayne to go to sleep by the gas, which would leave him with no pokes. But Jess said when they put his mask on he gave Jess a scowl and said it smelled like monkey poo. Lol They tried with the mask one more time and he said it smelled like fart. Lol So he chose to have them access his port to sedate him. Lol Crazy kid.
We all waited, receiving the minor updates that I posted, but when the dr. came and talked to us and said he was doing great the air got lighter for a second. He was able to drain the big cyst and 2 little ones that were forming as well. (these types of tumors feed these cysts) He was also able to get a biopsy, this will help give us answers as to what chemo we need to use to hopeful get rid of the rest of the tumor. The biopsy that he got does confirm that it is a benign and slow growing, blah blah blah tumor…I can’t remember the doctism for it. lol.
The dr. said the next 24 hours they will watch him very closely to make sure everything is healing ok.  So far he is doing GREAT!


As we checked our Facebook all day, we could barely keep up, our pages were flooded by Z shirts. What an amazing, vast support system we have. I still am amazed by all of you who continue to lift us up. Thank you just doesn’t seem to say enough.

Ayden is doing great. He and my mom explored the little complex they are staying in and he told me all about it when I walked through the door. “Aunt Mame, there is a little place I can golf, can you take me there when Nonnie goes to the hospital, it’s not very far.” He said with those brown eyes causing me to melt into the floor. Moments later Jake arrived and they went exploring and I fell into my bed.
Zayne will have an MRI tomorrow morning to be sure everything is ok with his brain. When we have those results I will post those tomorrow as well.
Again, Thank you. Truly….THANK YOU from the bottom of all our hearts!!! We feel so much strength and love from you all. And as I still hear the words of Randy Neelis echo in my mind… “When you go through something like this…you need people to go through it with you.” Thank you to everyone for going through it with us.