Super Zayne update…For Real?!

“Jame” Jess said with concern and worry in her voice. “Are his pupils too big.”
“I don’t know, it’s dark in here, maybe that’s why.” I said, thinking to myself. Nope, we are not having complications. The Dr. said we were through the hard part, so I already put my “complication armor” away. And I was not in the mood to put it back on.

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The nurse came in and checked them.
“They are still reactive so that’s good, but one looks bigger than the other…maybe…I am going to call neuro and have them check him.”
In the meantime they moved us out of ICU to another room down the hall.
About 30 min after our arrival Jess got a call from neuro.
“Oh Hi. I didn’t know I would get to talk to you.”
From that sentence and the sound of admiration in her voice I knew it was her Dr. that did the surgery. A great man!! I liked him from the first from the moment he walked in the room.
“They said to let them know if his pupils were to big.” She said
Moments later I looked up when I heard the voice say, “What!. Wait! What are you saying?”
Our eyes locked and the look in my sisters eyes I will never forget. I saw excitement, relieve, disbelief, and her telling me a message. It’s what we were hoping for Jamie, It’s what we wanted. I could read it loud and clear and just had to wait in suspense as she finished the conversation with the words. “Oh really, wow, ok yeah, ok. Thanks so much for calling. Thanks for telling me. Yes that is amazing news.”
And this is how their conversation went…
Jess: “Oh Hi, I didn’t know I would get to talk to you. They said to let them know if his pupils were too big.”
Dr. “Oh yeah, that’s to be expected. That’s not the reason I called…the reason I called is because I saw the MRI results and couldn’t wait till tomorrow morning to tell you.”
“The cyst has totally collapsed and I actually removed more of the tumor than I thought I did. I knew I got some good chunks but after looking at the MRI I saw that I got much more than I expected. The tumor is so small now we may not even have to do chemo at all. People live with these tumors all the time. Of course I will run this by the oncologist to double check. But it’s pretty possible we could wait on chemo and do another MRI in 3 months.”

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Warrens and good news

After my sister got off the phone she filled me in on the conversation that I read in her eyes. Of course me, my mom and Jess then proceeded to scream and giggle with excitement. Jess couldn’t get Jake on the phone fast enough.
Well, after that, what else could I say. Well, I will leave you with this.
I know I shared my vision of our angel with you a couple days ago, which I gotta say, I am not used to sharing such personal experiences with more then just a few, so I hope you don’t mind. But I have to tell you about the vision my sister had about a week later. She said when she was half awake she had a dream about the angel, and she saw him, she saw him at the hospital going into the operating room with Zayne. There is so much more to this story, but I just had to say…I believe he was in there guiding our amazing surgeon.