The Springport Wrestlers… Super Z’s Super Heroes.

(The following pieces were written  a week ago or so…sorry, we got behind. 😉 (First Jess talks about the wrestlers, then of course I have to give my 2 cents in the end)


Well of course we had to write about our amazing wrestlers tonight : )  So proud of these boys!!  Both Jamie and I thought it was absolutely fitting that they won the Big 8 on the same day we got the good news about Zayne.  In fact, it was after I called Dave and told him that the doctor was able to get 80% of the tumor out, that we were able to get on facebook and see that the boys had won that day!!

Talk about true champions…these boys take the gold!!  I remember overhearing one of the wrestlers interview with a news reporter  and he told her “This year we wrestle for something greater than ourselves…and it feels great!” And he was right.  No matter if these boys win another meet they have made such an impression on my son.   I thought back to when Dave first started getting involved and started coming out to the house to see Zayne.  Every time he talked about my kid I could feel that he was so much more connected than what he ever had to be.  I remember one time he said “I know this is a long process Jessie…and my family is with yours until the end.”  And boy was he right.

Jamie and I are still in awe of how our little community, friends, churches have all hung on with us for two years.  TWO YEARS!!!!  The fact that people have stuck with us is awe inspiring and humbling.  Sure enough two years in a row Dave had those boys wearing Z gear and reminding them of a little boy who fought every day on chemo.  One of the wrestlers got the Z symbol tattooed on his leg.  I thought that was amazing!!  He will forever remember the stand that he and his whole wrestling team took.  They chose to stand for something greater than winning.  They chose to win in so many more ways than one.  I don’t really know if it they will ever understand the magnitude of the influence they have had on my son and my family.  We weren’t able to get to many meets this year unfortunalty, but we were with you all the same!!!  We have no words to express how proud of you all we are.  For a high school wrestling team to walk away from a season not only with pride of hard work but also pride of supporting someone in need will stick with you and will for surely stick with us and our family!!  Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts!!

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By Jessica Warren



Last Wednesday…Wrestling Team Regional’s.  Jess was still in Texas, but I was able to go and watch the   nail biter… It took hours for my stomach to unwind after such a great fight!  I have to admit I got a little sentimental when I saw Shawn’s tattoo of the super Z.


As he stepped on the mat I couldn’t help but have a mini flashback of the past year and a half.  From the moment Coach Pratt called me about the Z shirt being their team shirt, to watching that little boy wheel away in the bed for surgery, and then watching this team of boys so dear to my heart take on Hudson and to be just one win away from being Regional Champ, against the ranked #2 team in the state I might add.    They may not have taken the title that night, but to us, they will always be true champions.  Those boys can’t even begin to fathom the place they will forever hold in our hearts.

Stand Proud Springport Wrestlers…you are true HEROES!!!

by  Jamie Lightner

Super Z…Obviously doing GREAT!  lol