She’s my person : )


I just dropped my sister off at the airport. When I look back over the last 2 weeks I cannot imagine going through it without her. Everyone knows there isn’t much we do without each other. Jamie is my person. There aren’t many people I let all the way in…but she is one of them. Flying down to Houston we had a very close connecting flight and by the time we found our gate the plane was boarding. My boys and I were starving. Jamie was on a different flight than us (More of that story to come) so she ran and got Chick-fil-A. But we got up to the counter and as I was giving the lady our tickets and stepping onto the ramp down to the plane I looked around hoping to see her. Nope. I wasn’t disappointed about not having the food…I was disappointed I didn’t hug her. And here we were boarding this plane. I got my kids into a seat, sanitized everything and here comes a man walking down the ilse with Chick-Fil-A in his hands. “No way” is what my thoughts said. Sure enough he said “Your sister asked me to deliver this!” with a huge smile on his face. My eyes watered. Of course she did…cause that’s what she does. She comes through. Always.



Then we got to the apartment and I was barley unpacking trying to get my brain cells to start firing. And my sister was flying around the apartment like a hummingbird. I really didn’t know what she was doing until I stopped to watch her. Then she came out of my bedroom and said “Ok…come here. Here’s your underwear, socks, under garmets. This drawer is pants, this one’s shirts. In here is the medical drawer, make-up drawer….” She was showing me where everything would be for the duration of our trip. Because that’s what she does. She knows if it was up to me everything would be dis-combobulated. Even the kitchen…we went to the grocery store that night, with her list, and she was flying around the store getting meals, snacks, toothpaste….ya know, the essentials. And I was in the shampoo isle smelling all the bottles of shampoo. I was on auto pilot and she was on go mode. We got home and BOOM…she started organizing the kitchen. It was all done in about 15 min. She worked like a bee and I made coffee. The next morning Jake and I were off to pre-ops and by the time I got home she was busy cooking in the kitchen. Meals for that week and then a couple in the freezer for after she left. When she was done we sat down on the couch and I watched her pull out my favorite kind of chocolate. We sat there knowing what the next day would hold.

And then surgery day. I felt strong. I knew my job and God had prepared me well. However, when it came time for Jake to kiss Zayne and I was able to keep going down to the surgery room with him I realized my husband was not ok. I was a little torn…I knew my baby needed me but it was a struggle not to be able to be there with my husband. So as we headed down the hallway I turned and looked at Jamie. Just a look. She read me like a book. She winked at me and said “I got him” as she put her arm around my husband. I released the breath I was holding. The whole time while waiting for Zayne Jamie never really left my side. If got up to get a cup of coffee she came with me. If I had to pee so did she. And after Zayne came out of surgery and the time came for family to leave she demanded to stay with me at the hospital. She went down to the cafeteria to get us some coffee and came back with a cup that said “Enjoy the little things” with butterflies on it. She knew I would need a cozy mug to drink coffee out of. : )IMG_3464[1]

I ended up sleeping in the bed with Zayne and she slept on the couch. The last night at the hospital was so sweet. I laid in bed next to my boy snuggled up with his little pooh bear and she was on the couch and we were all watching Pooh’s Heffalump!! One of our favorites!! Surprisingly it was Zayne’s first time seeing it. The moment was magical!


There wasn’t a time that she wasn’t making sure I was ok. And that’s what she does. She’s my person.
I will write more on the details of everything later, I just had to share with all of you what an incredible, considerate, and the best sister in the world she is : )
Thanks Jamie…I know I don’t have to say anything else because you’re my person and you know exactly how I feel : )