Has it really only been 79 hours

Possible side effects of brain surgery
-Headache…Not much so we are good. He was mostly starving.


-Hard to chew…Well, he won’t stop eating, so I think we are good.


-Hospitalization for 5 days…out in 3.

-Swelling getting worse over 3 days, then start to decrease…swelling going down after 2.


Side affect of going home early that the Dr. didn’t tell Aunt Mame about…. Zayne having so much energy 3 days after surgery that I want to seat belt him to the couch for fear he might trip and hit his head or run into a door knob…which are incidentally the same height as his incision.

scared mom

The Dr. came in this morning , he seemed just as excited as we were. After the simple hello’s, how is Zayne doing…he quickly followed with…. “Well, let’s go look at the scans, it’s so exciting, you have to see it.” I had to be on Aunt duty and stay with Zayne. So I was unable to hear what the doctor said personally and Jess said they had computer problems and couldn’t pull up the scan, but apparently the doctor said it looks like he was able to shave %75 of the tumor, leaving just %25 that was too integrated with the optic nerve to get. So this inoperable tumor is now less than half it’s size!”


He looked at us and said, “Well, I would tell you he might have a hard time chewing or he may not be himself after such a major surgery, ..but then again, this kid seems to be superhuman”  lol

Well, that we knew…he is Super Zayne.  And then he said, “So, if you guys want to go home, the choice is yours.”

“What!!!  Seriously, how many more miracles are we going to get.”

And the neurosurgeon conferred with the oncologist and they did determine Zayne would be able to take a break from chemo and have a scan in 3 months. And then depending on how that measly %25 percent of the tumor is behaving will determine the course of action then.
Here are some pictures of Big Z, after his Big fight. lol



As I was taking care of my clothes that I had just dropped in the floor that afternoon after surgery before I went back to the hospital in my PJs for night duty, I had to just pause and stare at them. Just stare at the super Z emblem created a year and a half ago.


As I began folding them up, I smelled the scent of the hospital still on them.  Surgery day rushed back through my mind.  Watching the kid get wheeled away, and Jess and I sitting side by side in the waiting room, the moment I walked into the ICU when he was all bandaged up, and still connected to a million and one tubes, his first pancake, that magical phone call from the surgeon, hearing the amazing report followed by, “yeah, you had brain surgery 2 days ago, but you can go home.” I don’t think it all has soaked in yet.  It’s been a packed 79 hours.


Later I will post pics of all the family hangin here in Texas, but for now here is Zaynes message to Coach and Jake the wrestler….