Super Z update- by Jessica Warren

Well…gosh…a lot has happened for our family this week. We got back from Philadelphia and were home just a short when we got the news that our amazing pastor passed away. He was something that the words on this bland piece of paper will never capture. He was the reason Jake and I started attending that church. He was the reason I volunteered my time on the worship team. He dedicated both my boys. I don’t have enough paper to go into what an incredible man he was. But if I had to briefly describe what he was to me…it was Love. He was LOVE.
The day after finding out about Him my oldest Ayden came down with a fever. We took him in to the doc on Tuesday only to find out he had Strep throat, and the next morning Zayne came down with a fever. So into the ER we went. 2 pokes, a nasty throat swab, and 7 hours later we were sent home with no answers except that his port looked good and no bacteria. However if he woke up the next morning with a fever we would have to go back. Sure enough he crawled in my bed at 8 this morning boiling. I took his temp and it was 103. I got up packed a few snacks applied the numbing cream to his port and his arm and we were off to Devoss. Mind you my husband was up and out of the house this morning for his own doctors appt. He has not been able to keep his blood pressure down. So I called my sister over to sit with Ayden while Zayne and I made the familiar treck up to Devoss. The hour and a half was brutal thinking about my pastor, my husband, my other sick baby at home and the upcoming events my little man would once again have to endure at the ER for the second day in a row. I do have to say though Devoss is amazing! Best Child life staff a mom could ask for  The poke was over and they wanted to swab his nose. I knew it would not just be a surface swab…I knew it would have to be deep and it would smart. Jenn, the amazing child life worker for the ER came in and gave Z a play by play of what was going to happen and then let him swab the nose of a stuffed animal and she of course had him laughing while he did. As prepared as he was, the swab was no fun  However it did come back positive for the flu. And after figuring that out we were discharged and told we did NOT have to return if he spiked another fever  Which made this Mama happy! No more pokes, no more ER. We can simply let the sickness run its course.
As far as the surgery, we will be doing that in Houston in February. Jake and I are trying our hardest to prepare for that…however I think even if your prepared…there simply is no preparing for kissing your baby goodbye and leaving him in the hands of doctors. I can’t wait to have some time though to sit down and write all this out story form. God has been helping me these days. Feels incredible! Feels peaceful. Thankyou to ALL of you for your amazing support!! We are just blown away by the amount of people that have supported our boy. Self-less AMAZING people!!!