Super Z checks out ONE more hospital…

Super Z update:
Well…..alot has happened in a couple days. Philadelphia called and was able to schedule all 3 appts. In one day. Oncolgoy, neuro-opthamology, and the neuro-surgeon. I told God if He could get us into all 3 docs in one day we would go check it out. So we are gonna check it out. I feel very good at Houston, and we are actually scheduled for surgery down there. If we are supposed to be in Philadelphia that surgeon better walk in the room with wings. It’s gonna take a pretty BIG sign to steer me away from Houston. But we are 100% open. I feel good. I feel strong. I know God is here and I am seeing all the areas where I put God in a box. I think I’ve been accepting bad news to well. I think I need to start accepting peace, discernment, and miracles. God has told me my path. I simply want to be rest in that peace and know that when the time comes to choose it will resonate in both Jake and I. There is something so serene in sitting in the stillness. My Aunt Karen gave me a coffee mug that says “Be still and KNOW I AM God.” A scripture I have heard for years…all my life. And when I hush, the fear, the what if’s, and everything else in my head I can FEEL it. I can FEEL the stillness. I feel peace. God wouldn’t bring my boy this far to take him away from me. And whatever decision Jake and I make He will honor. God’s grace and mercy is something I am learning so much about. And also when people say “Standing in the gap” God is really teaching me about that. When my faith becomes a glimmer of hope…my friends and family will stand in the gap for me…their faith will cover me.
My boy is strong…stronger than I would have imagined. And as a mom is I am begging and believing that when Z goes into surgery an army goes with him, and the gentlest of all angels will be there to wrap him up in his strong wings and hold him when I can’t.
Your prayers and thoughts are incredible…every day I am just humbled by acts of kindness people have shown. It’s amazing!! Thankyou!!! An Update on Friday hopefully!!!

A and Z in trash bag 1

Just thought you would like to see my boys and their idea of making their own costumes!  LOL