Super Z update

Thankyou to all of you that are praying for my family! Zayne goes back to Devoss tomorrow for his monthly antibiotic. And then we are taking a trip to Houston to the children’s hospital. Our family will go down with Zayne for testing and see what they would decide the next step to be is. We are also going to visit Philadelphia and Boston.

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Trying to get all of these hospitals under our belt and make a decision on who to go with. Eager to start something…anything…in some direction. Really trying to hear God. As a control freak it is hard for me not to run ahead into the future and try to figure everything out :/ I keep wondering what the next step is…what it looks like…and where we are. I feel as though things are going to change…and quick…and for someone who hates to re-arrange the furniture it’s not easy.


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Praying God opens doors we need to walk through and closes the ones we don’t. Pray for my boy please…lots of pokes in the near future…eye exams…and I’m not sure of what else (also not easy for me) Strength is needed.Desired.


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It was amazing to see family over the holiday! Didn’t spend Christmas in the ER…that was also nice! I hope all of you are enjoying your little ones and the love this holiday is surrounded by. I have to say aside from occasional headaches we have so enjoyed this family time not having to go to the hospital…having Zayne not feel sick…and being the kid he is!!  We went shopping, made cookies with Nonnie and did alot of crafts!!



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He and Ayden have hit a new level of brotherhood!! Love watching these two amazing little boys grow!! So blessed to their Mom!!


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