My energy directly affects my kids behavoir

It has been a great day today. I just love those days when the kids all get along and things are relatively smooth. I have been learning through TurningLeaf Seminars and Value Based parenting about how our energy and the way we feel about ourselves directly affects how our kids feel and therefore behave. Yeah, I have been studying this information for about 4 years now, went on to pursue a life coaching certification, and yet I am still amazed to watch these principals work. Of course they sounded fine and dandy and I felt all empowered writing them down. But as I gradually learned to make shifts about how I felt about myself and started to dial down what I stressed about, I saw a significant difference in my kids. I notice it the most in my 2 year old who is with me all day, every day. Some days he is so whiny and so stubborn and tests every boundary. While other days he is so much easier to handle. He is still 2, and has to set in time out occasionally. But there is a difference between time out five times that day compared to fifty. I also realized the way I felt about myself as a mom affected their behavior too. On the days I just don’t feel like a good mom the kids are so much grumpier. But the days I believe I am doing the best I can and embracing my weakness and accepting the fact that I am not June Cleaver and that is just perfect. I embrace my imperfections knowing that I am growing and learning all the time and so are my kids. On those days the kids are a lot more settled. On those days they even do a better job of holding themselves accountable for their mistakes and accepting the consequences we agreed upon.(Part of the TurningLeaf Value Based Parenting program)

So I am writing today to encourage you to take care of you. Take the time to learn about you, grow and find those places of inner peace. If you need help I know a GREAT seminar that I personally went through and has totally changed my life and taught me how, and through coaching I am CONTINUALLY learning how to accept the whole me. Which in turn makes for a more stable and secure environment for my kids. And in turn they are so much more easy going them selves.

It is amazing to watch the shift in them day to day based on my baseline emotion. Who would have thought the best tool for raising them would be working on me!