Who needs a dinner bell, when you have a smoke alarm

I remember 5 years ago when we built our house I thought it was awesome that the smoke alarms were wired into our electrical system and if one went off they all went off. That year I tried to burn the house down by putting taco shells in the oven on broil and went up stairs and forgot them. The smoke alarms went off and the kids came running. “We have to get out of the house,” they hollered. Michael put the fire out with the extinguisher and we ordered pizza.

Well, since then the smoke alarms have gone off numerous times. They are very sensitive and anytime cheese falls off the frozen pizza’s, the alarms go off. Last night I was making dinner and the alarms went off. The earsplitting “beep, beep beep, in every room in the house. The kids came down the stairs hollering, “dinner is done”. And my husband walked through the door home from work and said the same thing. I guess since I set them off about once a month they have grown accustom to them being more of a dinner bell than a sign of fire.

Oh well, I don’t have to call them to dinner on those days. They come running on their own to man their posts, they open the doors, and turn on the fan.