Don’t leave home without your IT guy

Well I was so excited, cause I think I am soooo cool with my new mini laptop. During my travels today I had a 3-hour lay over. I was not worried, I was actually excited. Now I would look like all those professionals with their laptops and their “smart” glasses, except I wasn’t wearing my “smart” glasses. Problem is I brought my laptop but I left my IT guy at home. As I headed toward my gate I saw a computer station. Oh cool, I thought. I am going to be so productive. I could feel all my OCD “organizational freak” fibers in my body build with anticipation. I got all set up and couldn’t get a connection. So I unplugged and headed down the further. I thought maybe a different spot would be better. This coming from the girl who thought I would get a better connection if I just plugged my computer in rather than use the battery. Ya, that got a laugh from my techy friends. So I plopped myself down once again, only to be denied yet again. No worries, where there is determination there is a solution, I hoped. Off I went to another station. This time I called my IT guy. He is on call 24/7 and is free, for me anyway, seeing that I am married to him. So I asked if there was a way he could use his techy magic to fix my computer from across the states between us. While on the phone I heard a voice from behind telling me what to do. I am sure this traveling IT guy thought I was cute.(hmmm, recalling the fact that I had been in a seminar for 3days prior, didn’t shower that morning, and barely brushed my hair, ok probably not. Despite his efforts I still couldn’t get a connection. So I decided to wonder around looking for the sweet spot. There I was walking the isles with my laptop open. It reminded me of when I was a kid and my Dad would have me move the antennae for TV reception….he would say “Wait, right there, nope move your right arm, ok yeah, nope come back stand on your left leg with your right hand in the air and your left arm touching the floor, now touch your nose. Yeah that’s it stay there.” But for me still no connection to be found. I decided to restart my computer. However, my computer froze and I couldn’t’ turn it off, then after I finally got it off I couldn’t’ turn in on. So I called my IT guy yet again, (yes the one married to me) and I told him that I just wanted a computer that works ALL the time. His response…you and everyone else Babe.

So what I learned today was…

Just because you own a laptop, doesn’t make you techy so don’t leave home without your IT GUY!!

Life is short- Laugh it up.