Why we do what we do…

The stories we post are all true. We just can’t make this stuff up! We hope that by sharing pieces of our lives and our inspirations, you will join us on our quest…just embracing and loving life. The ups and the downs, the meltdowns and the excitement, the messy days and even those few days we have it all together. It’s about all perspective. Even in our hardships we can find keepsakes. Some of our greatest treasures are gained in moments of adversity, even though at the time, we wish it wasn’t happening. Whether it is a tragedy or something as simple as your toddler dropping the container of opened cottage cheese on the floor, it is all a part of this life that we love. We learn to breathe through the moments of heartache and learn to simply laugh at the cottage cheese on the floor. Hey, why not laugh at spilt milk? They say there is no use cryin’!

No wrinkles and gray for us; we will take the laugh lines and silver lining. And when all else fails, we will break out that bottle of hair dye under the sink for emergencies. 😉

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