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Join Me! Ripple Out Gratitude Challenge!

Begins This Sunday November 22nd!

Let’s join together and take 5 days to focus on Gratitude beginning with YOU! You can’t give what you don’t don’t have and you can’t be truly grateful for anything outside yourself, without first knowing how to be grateful for the being you have been created to be.

Comment, share copy and past on Facebook… Let’s get many of us creating this focus together.

New Mini Sessions!!

Available on Wednesday’s ONLY!!

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Coaching Series Packages

Services Available

  • Private Coaching Sessions(in-person or via phone, zoom and skype)
    • Parenting
    • Marriage & Family
    • Healthy Self Confidence
    • Coping Skills
    • Overcoming Mental Obstacles
  • Speaking Events (on any of the topics above or custom to your group’s needs).
  • Workshops
    • Four Steps to Confidence
    • Ground them for Life (Value-Based Parenting)
    • PMS-Perfect Mother Syndrome
    • Till Death Do Us Part…Really?! (Marriage and Relationships)
    • Don’t Worry…Be Happy (Dealing with Stress)

Oftentimes, the biggest obstacle that hinders true success is our own self-perception. Sometimes you need someone who doesn’t reside in the neighborhood of YOUR mind to help you unravel the pieces, break free from regret, and not only guide you through the storms of life, but help you to dance in the rain.
As a speaker and certified life coach, Jamie’s objective is to help people accept and believe in themselves, while realizing it is perfect, not to be perfect. Each speaking engagement, individual life coaching and parent coaching session is delivered with authenticity, kindness, and laced with humor. Because when we can laugh at life, our true freedom emerges.

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  1. Alison Wade

    Jamie came in to work with my 5th graders. They loved her and they loved the program! It really got them thinking about their lives and ways that they could immediately use the skills she was helping them with. I saw growth and I could tell they really appreciated learning some ways to deal with issues going on in their lives. It was at their level and they enjoyed interacting with her. Jamie is a wealth of knowledge and great with kids as well!

  2. I just completed the 4 Steps to Confidence online class with Jamie. It was just what I needed at the right time. I really appreciate Jamie’s insight as well as her humor. She helped me discover ways to become a better friend to myself and how to “get out of my own way” in order to achieve the next steps in both my personal and professional goals. This was a very enjoyable and fun class while also providing valuable life tools. I highly recommend this to anyone who is struggling with confidence, negative self talk, or wanting to move their business to the next level. In order to be the best professional you can be, we all need a coach to help get us there.

  3. Allie Semmens

    I had my first coaching session with Jamie and decided to go with the quick 30 minute conversation which was perfect for me. She asked what I would like to discuss a couple of days prior which really helped get me focused on pieces of my problem that I really wanted to address. When first getting on I was nervous and a little tired but her calming and kind personality just made me feel really heard and eased my worries. I gained a lot of new perspectives and got some much-needed ideas of areas that I needed to focus on to make my work successful. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is the best at supporting you and really helping give another look at a problem or situation. Thanks Jamie! Look forward to many more conversations.